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We want you to share our artwork!  To make it easy, we are applying a Creative Commons license to this blog. The gist? You are free to share our work as long as you attribute the work to Azzura Photography with a link to our site (, do not use it for commercial purposes, and do not alter our artwork. (FYI: We do not consider ad-sponsored blogs to be commercial use, so feel free to share with credit and a link!)


Tori + Jamal = A Day to Remember

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

From our first meeting with Tori & Jamal, we knew their wedding was going to be spectacular. Not only are they two of the kindest people you could ever want to meet, they know how to throw an amazing party that had all their friends and family buzzing with excitement. From the simple and sweet ceremony performed by the one and only Judge Mathis to the surprise appearance of Sir Mix-A-Lot singing 'Baby Got Back' at Benaroya Hall, it was a day we will all remember.

There are a near infinite number of stunning details that I'm aching to share, but since we are hoping to have the event published in one of Seattle's amazing wedding magazines I'm going to give you just a teaser of more to come ... enjoy!  :)

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding

The day began with the girls getting ready at the Crawford family home, while the guys hung out at Hotel 1000.  Fortunately we had the talented Merry Beth Turpin from Aisle of View to help orchestrate all the details, which kept all the many (many!) moving parts of multiple locations flowing seamlessly.

Jamal Crawford Wedding at Hotel 1000

Tori Crawford Wedding with Bridesmaids

I loved the sequin dresses for the bridesmaids - it was the perfect day-to-night mix for a summer wedding!

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding Argosy arrival

Both the guests and Jamal with the groomsmen arrived by boat, with the guests enjoying a casual cruise on the Argosy and the wedding party arriving via a sleek speedboat. It was such a great way to take advantage of the waterfront opportunity and give clever transitions between the different parts of the day.

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding Ceremony

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

Simply stunning...

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding Ceremony

The thousands of rose petals that lined the ceremony aisle found a new life with our wedding party photographs!

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding

This image is probably my favorite of the day ... I look at it, and I feel the love between them, and it literally brought tears to my eyes when I saw it.

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding Party

This photograph was a special request from Jamal - I love how it incorporates so many elements of the day, including their gorgeous home. 

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding on Dock

Jamal Crawford Wedding Reception at Benaroya Hall

The reception was breathtaking ... there are so many people to credit for the creation of this room.  From the amazing floral decor by Rented Elegance to the lighting by Greenlight Events, Benaroya Hall was positively transformed.

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

The towering wedding cake created by Bonnie at New Renaissance was a hit - guests kept posing by the cake for photographs. The detailing was worthy of Versailles!

Jamal Crawford with Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight joined the reception to sing "Love of my Life" for their first dance, complete with a finale dip that had Brian applauding them.

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

And, yes, the night wrapped up with the ever-fabulous Sir Mix-A-Lot, a combination which got everyone pouring onto the dance floor. Tori got the idea of inviting him when she saw him perform with the Seattle Symphony earlier this year, and thought 'why not ask?' I'm glad she did, because it was a hit (no pun intended ;)

Thank you to all, especially Tori & Jamal, who created this event - we were honored to capture it, and look forward to many future celebrations!


We are so grateful!

I'm not sure how to express how honored and thrilled we are to have won the Seattle Bride Best of 2014 award ... it fills us with gratitude for our amazing clients, friends, and industry professionals who took the time to vote for Azzura. We pour so much of ourselves into our artwork, it means the world to know that our work makes an impact on the lives of those around us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


Olowalu Plantation House Wedding on Style Me Pretty!

Olowalu Plantation House Wedding Maui

My admiration for Style Me Pretty as a source of inspiration and an absolutely impeccably run website stretches back to 2009, and I've always hoped that one of our weddings would be featured on Abby's amazing blog. I am happy to say that my dream has come true! I'm so excited that I feel like a kid who just got awarded unlimited chocolate for life. 

Dana & Jeremy's wedding at the Olowalu Plantation House in Maui was beautifully designed by Katy with Vows, and all of the personal little touches made it one of our favorite destination weddings of all-time. Visit Style Me Pretty for the full story!

Olowalu Plantation House Wedding Maui

Olowalu Plantation House Wedding Photography


The "Love for Life" 2014 Project

One of the things that drew Ken and I together is our shared love of nature and animals, and a common desire to make the world a little better place. Each year we choose specific charities to help support, either financially or through our photography. In the past, we have participated in organizations such as Race for the Cure and Wish Upon a Wedding. This year, we are committed to providing livestock and medical supplies to children in underdeveloped nations. So far this year I am excited to say that we have provided over $2,500 worth of chickens, goats, sheep, and medical supplies, and our goal is to triple that number by the end of the year.

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients that make projects like this possible - it is because of you that we are able to give back to the global community. When you see your photographs, I hope it brings you a little extra joy to know that some of that love has been shared across the world and has made an impact on someone you will never meet, but whose life has been changed.

Images courtesy of World Vision


Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Holidays!!


A Moment of Gratitude | Daily Shot of Inspiration

Seattle Wedding Photography by Azzura

This has been one of those crazy/fabulous/super-busy/wouldn't-trade-it-for-the-world weeks, and I'm feeling particularly grateful today. Although I am once again behind on my ambitious blog-post schedule, our 2014 summer dates are quickly filling up and we are already looking forward to many wonderful celebrations. I know I've been saying 'thank you' alot, but we really are thankful for all the goodness in our lives. Our wedding industry friends and clients are such a big part of that goodness, and we appreciate the opportunity we have to be in your lives.

Thank you.


Sun Mountain Lodge Wedding | Daily Shot of Inspiration

Sun Mountain Lodge Wedding by Azzura

After choosing the beautiful destination of Sun Mountain Lodge for their Wedding Day, Lisa was determined to find a horse to frolic with them in the fields. Her planning was rewarded with an incredibly cooperative horse and some gorgeous photographs to celebrate the adventure.  


A Princess is Born | Daily Shot of Inspiration

Bellevue Newborn Baby Portrait by Azzura Photography

With all the hustle-and-bustle of the summer wedding season, this simple and sweet image reminds me to relax, savor the moment, and indulge in the occasional nap.  :)


Kerry Park Wedding Photography | Daily Shot of Inspiration

Kerry Park Wedding Photography

I love everything about this image ... the romantic feeling, the unbelievable clouds, and the gorgeous Seattle Skyline. I have a feeling this may be the very first page in their wedding album! 


Vintage Rolls Royce Wedding Getaway | Daily Shot of Inspiration

Vintage Car Wedding Getaway by Azzura Photography

All the beautiful chaos of the day seems to fade away when the bride & groom get a moment together, just the two of them ... 


Woodmark Hotel Wedding | Daily Shot of Inspiration

Woodmark Hotel Groomsmen on the Dock by Azzura Photography

You can almost feel the swagger in this photograph ... they rocked it!


Delille Winery Wedding in Woodinville | Daily Shot of Inspiration

Delille Winery Wedding with Vintage Chalkboard Sign by Azzura Photography

The little details that catch our eye can create the most charming photographs ... this vintage chalkboard sign was a surprise gift from Chris & Dori's wedding coordinator, Merry Beth from Aisle of View - so sweet!


Kerry Park Wedding Pictures | Daily Shot of Inspiration

Seattle Kerry Park Wedding on a Summer Day

Niomi has a smile that would make any man melt ... she was such a lovely bride, inside and out. :)  


JM Cellars Winery Wedding Photography | Daily Shot of Inspiration

JM Cellars Winery Wedding in Woodinville
The past few months have been a whirlwind, partially because we've been busy photographing some amazing weddings, and partially because we are in the process of completely renovating our main website. I've hesitated to say too much about the new site until it neared completion, but I'm happy to say that it's getting close, and I can't wait to share it with you! All new galleries, all new design, lots of new images, all new album examples, and more ... it's been quite the project, and we are really excited for it. 
In the meantime, going through our recent weddings on a quest to update our galleries has yielded lots of images perfect for our 'Daily Shot of Inspiration', so I am dusting off my keyboard and recommitting to our blog. We look forward to sharing moments, thoughts, and photographs that make your day a little more inspired!  :)

Happy 4th of July!

Sailor Homecoming Return Kiss

To celebrate the spirit of Independence Day, I wanted to share one of my favorite recent engagement portraits. Soon after Marty returned from his Navy deployment, Kelly had the brilliant idea to honor his arrival with a recreation of the vintage 'Sailor Homecoming' photograph. It was the perfect inspiration for this image, and we wish you all a Happy 4th of July!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


Azzura Photography wins Seattle Bride Best of 2013       Azzura Photography wins Seattle Bride Best of 2013

We are honored beyond words to be awarded Seattle's Best Photgraphers of 2013 by Seattle Bride Magazine.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our wonderful clients and colleagues that voted for us - we are truly grateful, and will are determined to make 2013 the best year yet! 


What Happens in Vegas ...

Ken and I just returned from an amazing trip to Vegas where we had the honor of photographing for the MGM Grand Signature Wedding campaign, as well as meeting up with some of our far-away friends who joined us for the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) 2013 Conference. It was a busy week, but an awesome opportunity to spend some time planning our goals for the upcoming year, starting with the complete revamp of our website (yay!) We'll be keeping all the good stuff, adding lots of never-before-seen images, useful info, and as much entertainment as one little url can handle. :)

In the meantime, enjoy a few of the images from our photoshoot with MGM ... it was such an honor to be chosen to participate in this, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed to see some of the images on a 50-foot billboard!

MGM Grand Las Vegas Wedding by Azzura Photography

MGM Grand Las Vegas Wedding by Azzura Photography

Simply gorgeous ...

MGM Grand Las Vegas Wedding by Azzura Photography


In Search of Destination Inspiration - Azzura in Paris

Azzura Photography Glamour in Paris

Last April I joined a group of amazing photographers from all over the world to photograph in Paris, and I've been saving the images for a rainy day like today. This trip was an inspiration to me, and I'm especially grateful to the Boudoir Divas for putting the workshop together. Looking at the images have ignited my wanderlust ... if anyone has a great idea for our next destination photoshoot, feel free to leave a comment with your recommendations. :)

Eiffel Tower Glamour by Azzura Photography


An Unexpected Kiss at Pike Place Fish Market

Bride Kissing Fish at Pike Place Fish Market Seattle

On a wedding day, anything can happen! Samantha won my undying adoration for this little kiss.  :)