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We want you to share our artwork!  To make it easy, we are applying a Creative Commons license to this blog. The gist? You are free to share our work as long as you attribute the work to Azzura Photography with a link to our site (, do not use it for commercial purposes, and do not alter our artwork. (FYI: We do not consider ad-sponsored blogs to be commercial use, so feel free to share with credit and a link!)


Seattle Wedding Photography - A Quiet Moment

Romantic Seattle Wedding Moment with Engagement Ring Detail by Azzura Photography

I love the detail and the stillness of this image ... something about it strikes me as so romantic, but in a very subtle, gentle way. 


Dodging the Drops at Pike Place Market

Red White and Blue Wedding at Seattle's Pike Place Market by Azzura Photography

No matter the time of year, it's always smart to have an umbrella on hand for a Seattle day ... and who couldn't love a red, white, and blue wedding?

Bridesmaid with Umbrella at Pike Place Market Seattle WA by Azzura Photography


Kerry Park, the Seattle Skyline, and a Couple in Love = Magic!

Kerry Park Seattle Engagment Portraits at Queen Anne

Twilight (the moment, not the movie) is fantastic for soft, moody, romantic photography. It takes some special equipment (very fast lenses and high ISO capabilities) to capture moments like this, and the result is absolutely magical.


Sweetly Sleeping ... Bellevue Baby Portraits by Azzura Photography

Bellevue Newborn Baby Pictures

This image is simply too cute for words ...


A Father's First Look at The Golf Club at Newcastle

First Look at Newcastle Golf Course

I think every Dad dreams of the moment he gets to see his little girl in her wedding dress ... even if you aren't much of a crier, it's hard not to get teary when you see his expression of pure delight. The moment Jennifer embraced her father, everyone in the room reached for the nearest tissue (including me!) 

Tears of Joy at Newcastle Golf Course


Happy Valentine's Day and the return of an old love ...

The last six months have been some the best (and the busiest) in our studio's history. In addition to photographing over 45 weddings in 2012, we've traveled from France to Hawaii, booked extraordinary weddings for 2013, and even managed to take some time off for romantic strolls in the woods together. It's been a whirlwind, and as I look at the many ways we've spent our time, I realized that one of the things I've missed is sharing our 'Daily Shot of Inspiration.' In my own little way, sharing these images is my personal contribution to bringing a bit of joy and art into the daily lives of our friends and clients. 

To kick off our 2013 'Daily Shot of Inspiration', I chose one of my most-loved destination wedding images. When Heidi and Peter hired us to capture their wedding on the Big Island in Hawaii, I knew it would become one of our favorites. This image was taken just moments after they had their "First Look" on the beach, and I feel a sense of joy and freedom every time I see it. It is a perfect photograph to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day, and to symbolize the excitement we feel for the year to come.  :)

Mauna Lani Hotel Wedding by Azzura Photography


Azzura Photography & The Seattle Bride Best of 2012 Awards


We are so excited and honored to be awarded the Seattle Bride Best of 2012 Award!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our wonderful clients and wedding professionals who made this possible - we honestly can't express how grateful we are.  We promise to make you proud, and will continue to create artwork that is both beautiful and inspiring.  :) 

Have a wonderful 4th of July!


Daily Shot of Inspiration | A Dip at the Downtown Seattle Library 

Downtown Seattle Library Wedding Pictures

Thank you to all my faithful readers for being patient with me while I am working on the website and branding updates! I have much to share, and will soon be resuming the 'Daily Shot of Inspiration' on an actual daily basis.   

This upcoming weekend I will be at a wedding that is particularly special to me.  After many years of bachelorhood, my little brother is marrying my high school best friend. I introduced them over 20 years ago (could it really be that long ago?!?) and now I have the honor of being the officiant at their wedding! I've never been on the altar side of the camera aside from my own wedding and a few bridesmaid cameos, so I'm excited and nervous all at once. I can't wait to see all my friends and family, and I hope that you are also able to share the Memorial Day weekend with those you love.  :)


Au Revoir, Paris!

I am back from my adventures in Paris, and it was a wonderful trip ... I met some great people, created some stunning photographs (including a few of the Eiffel Tower that I'm quite proud of), and ate more than I thought possible. I'll be sharing the images from the trip over the next few weeks, once I get caught up from my travels. In the meantime, Ken and I are busy with booking appointments for 2013 weddings - next summer is filling up already, which is exciting! 

As always, thank you for taking the time to visit our little corner of cyber-space ... our blog has been receiving an unprecedented amount of traffic lately, and I know it is from all of our great clients sharing it with their friends and family.  In case I haven't said it lately, Ken and I are appreciative beyond words, and are looking forward to an amazing year.


Daily Shot of Inspiration | Seattle Fairmont Olympic Hotel Wedding

Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle Wedding Departure

Another unscripted moment that made me smile ... I love the contrast between the formality of the buttoned-up concierge and the playfulness of Julia & Brandon's ear-to-ear grins.


Daily Shot of Inspiration | Summer at the Voila! Wedding Show

Yellow and Burlap Wedding Details at the Woodmark Hotel

In case you missed the amazing details from the Voila! Wedding Show at the Woodmark Hotel, I'll be posting some of my favorites over the next few weeks.  We had a booth in the "Summer" section this year, and our little group went all-out to create a look that made me crave an outdoor wedding in the sunshine. 

Vintage Yellow Wedding Details at the Voila Wedding Show


Daily Shot of Inspiration | A Sweet Kiss at Green Lake Park

Sweet Wedding Kiss at Greenlake Park in Seattle

I adore the warmth in this image, both from the sunlight streaming in and the gentle kiss planted lovingly on Christina's forehead.  So sweet!


Daily Shot of Inspiration | The Newlyweds First Sunset

Green Lake Park Wedding at Sunset by Azzura Photographyc

This was a completely unscripted moment, and I don't think Christina and Will even realized we were snapping away behind them as they headed to the dock for sunset photographs.  The spontaneity of the twirl was just so darn fabulous, and I loved that we were there to capture it!


Daily Shot of Inspiration | A Cherry Blossom Moment

When Andrea and Ken were married several years ago, their circumstances prevented them from having any photographs at the time.  It was always something that she wished she had, and so when I suggested that we celebrate their anniversary with wedding photographs, she couldn't have been more excited.  This is one of my favorite images from our session; it captures all I adore about Andrea - her sweetness, her unfettered love for her husband, and her gentle kindness that blesses everyone around her. 


Daily Shot of Inspiration | L-O-V-E at The Great Hall at Green Lake

Wedding at the Great Hall at Green Lake in Greenlake Seattle

I L-O-V-E this photograph!