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Tori + Jamal = A Day to Remember

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

From our first meeting with Tori & Jamal, we knew their wedding was going to be spectacular. Not only are they two of the kindest people you could ever want to meet, they know how to throw an amazing party that had all their friends and family buzzing with excitement. From the simple and sweet ceremony performed by the one and only Judge Mathis to the surprise appearance of Sir Mix-A-Lot singing 'Baby Got Back' at Benaroya Hall, it was a day we will all remember.

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding

The day began with the girls getting ready at the Crawford family home, while the guys hung out at Hotel 1000.  Fortunately we had the talented Merry Beth Turpin from Aisle of View to help orchestrate all the details, which kept all the many (many!) moving parts of multiple locations flowing seamlessly.

Jamal Crawford Wedding at Hotel 1000

Tori Crawford Wedding with Bridesmaids

I loved the sequin dresses for the bridesmaids - it was the perfect day-to-night mix for a summer wedding!

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding Argosy arrival

Both the guests and Jamal with the groomsmen arrived by boat, with the guests enjoying a casual cruise on the Argosy and the wedding party arriving via a sleek speedboat. It was such a great way to take advantage of the waterfront opportunity and give clever transitions between the different parts of the day.

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding Ceremony

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

Simply stunning...

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding Ceremony

The thousands of rose petals that lined the ceremony aisle found a new life with our wedding party photographs!

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding

This image is probably my favorite of the day ... I look at it, and I feel the love between them, and it literally brought tears to my eyes when I saw it.

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding Party

This photograph was a special request from Jamal - I love how it incorporates so many elements of the day, including their gorgeous home. 

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding on Dock

Jamal Crawford Wedding Reception at Benaroya Hall

The reception was breathtaking ... there are so many people to credit for the creation of this room.  From the amazing floral decor by Rented Elegance to the lighting by Greenlight Events, Benaroya Hall was positively transformed.

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

The towering wedding cake created by Bonnie at New Renaissance was a hit - guests kept posing by the cake for photographs. The detailing was worthy of Versailles!

Jamal Crawford with Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight joined the reception to sing "Love of my Life" for their first dance, complete with a finale dip that had Brian applauding them.

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

Tori and Jamal Crawford Wedding at Benaroya Hall

And, yes, the night wrapped up with the ever-fabulous Sir Mix-A-Lot, a combination which got everyone pouring onto the dance floor. Tori got the idea of inviting him when she saw him perform with the Seattle Symphony earlier this year, and thought 'why not ask?' I'm glad she did, because it was a hit (no pun intended ;)

Thank you to all, especially Tori & Jamal, who created this event - we were honored to capture it, and look forward to many future celebrations!


Delille Winery Wedding in Woodinville | Daily Shot of Inspiration

Delille Winery Wedding with Vintage Chalkboard Sign by Azzura Photography

The little details that catch our eye can create the most charming photographs ... this vintage chalkboard sign was a surprise gift from Chris & Dori's wedding coordinator, Merry Beth from Aisle of View - so sweet!


Daily Shot of Inspiration | A Dip at the Downtown Seattle Library 

Downtown Seattle Library Wedding Pictures

Thank you to all my faithful readers for being patient with me while I am working on the website and branding updates! I have much to share, and will soon be resuming the 'Daily Shot of Inspiration' on an actual daily basis.   

This upcoming weekend I will be at a wedding that is particularly special to me.  After many years of bachelorhood, my little brother is marrying my high school best friend. I introduced them over 20 years ago (could it really be that long ago?!?) and now I have the honor of being the officiant at their wedding! I've never been on the altar side of the camera aside from my own wedding and a few bridesmaid cameos, so I'm excited and nervous all at once. I can't wait to see all my friends and family, and I hope that you are also able to share the Memorial Day weekend with those you love.  :)


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Thursday, November 10th || Aisle of View - Lord Hill Farms Wedding

Aisle of View Wedding Details

Both my parrot and I loved the subtle genius of the details at Michele and Brian's wedding.  The theme of 'love in flight' is so beautifully integrated in subtle ways - the little birds that adorned their invitation and wedding cake, the feathers in Michele's hair, and even the birdcage that guests slipped their cards into.  Brilliant!

Aisle of View Wedding Cake

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Kimberly + Dave = Thoughtfully Inspired

From start to finish, Kimberly and Dave's wedding was a masterpiece of creative touches and thoughtful details.  It was such a joy to be a part of their day, and I'm excited to share some of my favorite images! 

Four Seasons Seattle Staircase

4 Seasons Seattle Groomsmen Photo

Ken and I were fortunate to photograph this wedding together, so while he shot the guys looking oh-so-handsome on the walk to the bus, I took some fun photos of the girls.  

I love the casual elegance of this image ... Kimberly went to UW, so our trip to the campus holds special meaning.  

Creative Ice by Steve Cox - Ice Bar

Ice sculptures amaze me ... I would love to visit Steve's shop to see how he creates these incredible bars.  The entire structure is made out of ice, including the center insignia.  Gorgeous! 

Four Seasons Seattle Wedding Cocktail Hour

I adore the vivacious colors and the perfectly coordinated signs that adorned the tables.  (And, yes, the cake did taste as good as it looks!)

Four Seasons Seattle Ballroom Dance Floor

A sweet ending to a fabulous first dance.

Be prepared to be astonished at this next little gem: Kimberly and Dave gave every guest a custom recipe for a martini that fit their personality, then compiled all the recipes into a book that guests could flip through as they sipped their drink.  This was by far my favorite detail, and illustrates their love for their friends in family in a way that made all of us a little misty.

Dancing at the Four Seasons

What comes after signature drinks?  Some killer dancing, that's what!  Austin had everyone on the floor until the wee hours.

Dancing at the Four Seasons with Austin Beaver

 Wedding Sunset at the Four Seasons Seattle


Thank you, Kimberly and Dave, for choosing us to celebrate your day with you! :)

The Supporting Cast:

Location: The Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle, Washington 
Wedding Coordinator: Merry Beth Turpin, Aisle of View 
Florist: Aria Style  
Invitations, Save-the-Dates & Signage: Paper Moxie
DJ: Austin Beaver, The Austin Beaver Experience
Cake: The Four Seasons Hotel 
Linens & Decor Rentals: Rented Elegance
Videography: Aaron Horton Productions 
Ice Bar: Steve Cox, Creative Ice  


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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Sunday, June 26th || Aisle of View Wedding at Semiahmoo Resort

Wedding with Aisle of View

I am obsessed with this photograph - it absolutely sums up everything I love about Leah and Richie - their happiness together, their style, and their amazing day.  It is the kind of image that will make me smile forever.  :) 

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Weddings in Woodinville - A Winter Wonderland at the Columbia Winery

The 2nd Annual Weddings in Woodinville was a sold-out affair that left me in awe of the talent of my friends in the wedding industry.  Ken and I were chosen as the photographers for the Columbia Winery, and lovely venue nestled in the hills of Woodinville.  With the help of Rented Elegance, Merry Beth transformed the space into a 'Winter Wonderland' that was as warm and inviting as it was beautiful.


Steve Cox of Creative Ice shared his talent with this martini-luge.  You pour the martini into the top and it travels through the ice sculpture, coming out the bottom perfectly mixed and ice cold.   


I love the bejeweled napkin holder and the ice-inspired plates.  The center table was my favorite display because of all the subtle and thoughtful details.     

The ceremony setup exchanged the traditional wedding chairs for faux-fur covered couches.  It was fun to watch just about everyone curiously stroke the seating to see if it felt as good as it looked.  

Soft, warm, elegant, and beautiful!  

If you look closely, you can see that Merry Beth named the 'bride' Snow White and the 'groom' was the ever-illusive Prince Charming.  Clever!

Vintage apothacry jars are a great way to create a centerpiece that it high in design but low in cost ... the paper-whites peaking out from under the glass-top were simply sweet.

Chris Graves and Your Song Entertainment provided the groovy tunes ... Chris is best known (at the moment) as a dj, but he has an extraordinary voice and upon request can mix in some live Sinatra-style music into the entertainment.   

Hand-lettered calligraphy is experiencing a revival, and I'm hoping to employ Pascale to create unique writing for our upcoming book series, 'Inspired by Weddings.'  (More on that later!)

Every great event ends with a sweet moment ...  :)

Thank you to everyone who worked to create a truly magnificent event, and I hope to work with you all often in the year to come!


The Supporting Cast:

Event Planning: Merry Beth Turpin, Aisle of View  
Location: The Columbia Winery, Woodinville WA  
Men's Tuxedo and Custom Suits: Wall Street Custom Clothiers   
Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses: La Belle Reve  
Floral Design and Decor: Rented Elegance and Design
  Invitations: Pascale Collins, Calligrapher
Cake: Mike's Amazing Cakes  
Transportation: British Motor Coach / Butler Valet / Rare Form Limousine / SP Plus
Ice Sculpture: Creative Ice   
Catering: Seastar / John Howie Steak Catering & Lisa Dupar Catering
Music: Your Song Entertainment  



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Delaney + Justin = A Flourishing Romance

When Delaney and Justin excitedly shared their vision for their Wedding Day, I could hardly wait until the day arrived!  They were giddy in love, and shared a day full of fun and thoughtful surprises with their friends and family who joined them from all over the country.  I tried to limit myself as I chose the images to share, but as you can see I got a bit carried away ... I hope that you fall in love with this amazing couple as much as we have! 

David, one of my two assistants for the day, came up with the concept for this shot ... when Delaney told us how much she adored her new Louboutins, we created this 'D -N- J' monogram in the rose petals lining the aisle.   It was one of the very first images of the day, and it just kept getting better as the day unveiled.

The reaction of Delaney's bridesmaids when she first stepped into her wedding dress was adorable. 

Rented Elegance created an unbelievable array of coordinating roses, calla lilies, and hydrangeas that fit the garden theme perfectly.  I loved how the black bridesmaid dresses made the colors pop, and the 'twist' design allowed each of the girls to wear the dresses slightly differently. 

I love this shot of the guys making their way to the waterfront for some pre-ceremony photos.

Some of my favorite touches were the hints of Southern charm, including hand-lettered signs leading the way to the tent and the caterers greating guests with glasses of iced tea and raspberry lemonade. Yum! 

Nearly 17,000 roses were used throughout the day, many of which shed their petals to create this unbelievably lush bed of roses for the ceremony.  It smelled heavenly, and walking on it was like a dream. 

The Ceremony was graciously hosted by Delaney's grandmother in the rose garden of her waterfront estate, which created an open and very Northwest feeling.  Breckyn peaked through the curtains to see the setup in the garden, and her reaction was priceless (and very similar to mine!) 

Delaney was escorted down the aisle by her brother Ira to the awaiting Justin ... 

I love the look in Justin's eyes as he takes a deep breath and watches Delaney walk softly toward him. 

Married at last! 

The aisle petals turned into celebration confetti after the ceremony as the wedding party showered Delaney and Justin in roses. 

One of my favorites ... 

A Southern-style wedding wouldn't be complete without a vintage Rolls Royce from British Motor Coach.

The sense of awe in this photograph is so charming ... you can almost see Breckyn starting to dream of her own Wedding Day.

The garden ceremony was followed by a reception filled with a vibe of relaxed elegance at  Sodo Park, one of my favorite Seattle venues.  Not a detail was overlooked, and from the photobooth to the draped ballroom Sodo Park looked amazing.

The guest book was created from the photobooth film-strip style images, complete with a scrapbooking station where guests could get creative. 

The lounge setup for the Scotch Bar was great - it was fun to watch each area of Sodo Park open up gradually throughout the night and invite guests to mix and mingle in the cozy areas.

Delaney and Justin's wedding planner, Merry Beth Turpin from Aisle of View, left nothing to chance.  The details were breathtaking!  With the help of the talented Sheryl Bracken from Paper Moxie, every paperie from invitation to menu was impeccable.  

The ever-fabulous Michael Benson Band got everyone on the dance floor, starting with Delaney and Justin's first dance.  While my assistant Andrea captured the twists and turns on the dance floor, I escaped to the loft to capture this whole-room photograph that is one of my favorites of the day. 

A look of love exchanged during the toasts... 

Once the Scotch bar opened up, the party really got rolling!  The dance floor was packed all night, and you can really tell from the photographs just how much fun everyone had.   

Another touch of subtle brilliance was the day-to-night transition lighting.  After sunset, the up-lighting surrounding the main room and the twinkling candles created a warm look to the tablescapes. 


Every half hour or so, the catering staff at Herban Feast made their way through the party with new treats to keep the energy flowing.  The root beer floats were an immediate hit, and the mini-cupcakes weren't far behind. 

Congratulations, Delaney and Justin, and thank you for choosing us to be a part of your Wedding Day!

The Supporting Cast:

Ceremony Location: Private Estate, Seattle WA 
Reception Location: Sodo Park, Seattle WA  
Wedding Coordinator: Merry Beth Turpin, Aisle of View  
Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier 
Florist: Rented Elegance and Design (Floral and Decor Design)  
Invitations: Sheryl Bracken, Paper Moxie  
Band: The Michael Benson Band  
Cake: Madeline's European Cakes 
Transportation: British Motor Coach / Butler Transportation
Hair: Kate - Gem Salon  
Makeup: Kathy Evans Beauty and Makeup
Catering: Herban Feast Catering 
Videography: Aaron Horton, Aaron Horton Productions


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Sunday, June 27th || The Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle, WA

I love this shot taken by my assistant at The Four Seasons Hotel ... the flowers that Flora Nova used to decorate the tiers were gorgeous! 


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Monday, June 21st || Aisle of View Wedding with Merry Beth Turpin

The look on Bryna and Jon's faces as they made their way through their guests to the getaway car is priceless ... they are so happy!


Nicole + Anthony = Playful

We've been so busy with the fashion shoot in Italy and our upcoming weddings that I've gotten out of the habit of sharing an extended collection of images from a single event.  When I saw Nicole and Anthony's photographs I knew I had to share lots of them!  They had so many fun details and personalized touches that made the wedding unforgettable, and they had us laughing all day long.  From Nicole's Jimmy Choo's to Anthony's monogrammed baseball cap, no detail was overlooked.  I hope these images inspire you as much as they inspired us! 

Nicole was a simply gorgeous bride - the perfect blend between casual style and unabashed glamour.  She is every bit as sweet as her smile implies.

Anthony's friends know that you will rarely catch him without a baseball cap, and I loved the fact that he embraced his casual side by donning a custom-printed cap.  I was a little slow to figure out that the 'A' stood for 'Anthony', but I figured it out when I realized the groomsmen had hats with the initial 'P' for 'Paul' (Anthony's last name) on the front.  So clever!

Loved the Hummer from Blackstone Limousine - no better way to get around town with panache! 

Can you tell that these two laugh together often? 

Anthony calls his grandmother the 'gem of the family', and I love this image of her with her granddaughters - she looks radiant, and she has a unique aura of strength and joy that I feel this image truly captures.

As soon as Nicole walked down the aisle the room was filled with damp eyes.  After thirteen years together, this was such a beautiful beginning to their marriage.

Their guests showered them with rose petals as Nicole and Anthony walked up the aisle for the first time as husband-and-wife. 

Every time I turned around, the guys were jumping up on something ... after a time or two, we turned each new banister into a photo op.  (No worries - they all got down safe and sound.)

The girls weren't about to be outdone by the boys - it didn't take long for them to regain the spotlight with a little 'boquet toast'!

These are a few of my favorite shots from our whirlwind tour of downtown Seattle... 

Christiane from Flora Nova rocked the floral design.  I adored how the colors looked whimsical, and were coupled delicately with gold accents to add sophistication and elegance.   The theme was Hollywood-glam, and they even created a red-carpet photobooth for guests as they arrived. 

Merry Beth from Aisle of View did an amazing job of orchestrating all the little details, from the ultra-chic after-hours lounge to the 'Bride' and 'Groom' signs decorating the dinner chairs.   Thanks to Merry Beth, Gerald from the Four Seasons Hotel, and DJ extraordinaire Austin Beaver, the evening was a celebration beginning to end!


I loved the ice-bar - Steve Cox from Creative Ice always does an amazing job of personalizing his sculptures.  So cool, no pun intended!   



This is one of my favorite images of the day because it so perfectly summarizes Nicole and Anthony's relationship - playful, yet romantic in an icing-on-the-nose sort of way.  In case you are wondering, Anthony managed to restrain himself from covering Nicole in frosting.  :) 

Nicole got this super-cute reception dress from none other than Kim Kardashian, a fellow LA girl.  She looked amazing, and it fit the 'Red Carpet' theme perfectly.

Congratulations, Nicole and Anthony!  Thank you for inviting us to share your special day, and we look forward to sharing many more photographs with you soon!   

The Supporting Cast:

Location: The Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle, Washington 
Wedding  Coordinator: Merry Beth Turpin, Aisle of View 
Florist: Christiane Zweifler, Flora Nova Design  
DJ: Austin Beaver, The Austin Beaver Experience
Cake: The Four Seasons Hotel 
Linens: Rented Elegance
Videography: Cory Bogle, Bogle Productions
Umbrella Rental: Bella Umbrella