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The Seattle Wedding Show 2012 - Another Fantastic Year

Last weekend kicked off the New Year with a flurry of cupcakes, flower petals, and fashion at the Seattle Wedding Show.  As always, we had our little booth, and Ken and I loved meeting with so many newly engaged couples.  We have already started booking up for 2012 and 2013, which makes us excited and grateful for the amazing support of the wedding community.

For me, the Wedding Show is also an opportunity to reflect and examine our business, our creativity, and our relationships.  I'm always blown away by the level of effort and creativity I see displayed in the booths, and it gives me a little kick to get moving and decide what we will do differently this year.  Where can we improve?  What will keep us unique?  How can we better connect with our couples?

Although I don't subscribe to New Year's Resolutions, I do embrace the start of the year as a time to dream, brainstorm, and create ideas that make us leap out of bed.  We have many great things happening - a complete remodel of the Azzura website, the launch of a new book series, and so much more - that I am looking forward to sharing with you in 2012.  :)

In the spirit of sharing inspiration, I wanted to share some of my favorite booths from the Wedding Show - enjoy!

Azzura Photography Wedding Show

Our twist on our booth this year was to change all the prints between the first and second days of the show, to give two different 'looks' and showcase some of our latest work.  It was a lot of work, but totally worth it. 

Celebrity Cake Studio Peacock Cakes

I was captivated by this display at Celebrity Cake Studio, inspired by peacocks.  From the sugar-feathers crowning the cupcakes to the colorful plumes on the cake, it was both clever and beautiful.

Celebrity Cake Studio Wedding Show

Herban Feast Wedding Show

Another one of my favorite booths won the "Best Booth Award," and I'm sure it was due to the combination of succulent food by Herban Feast and the subtle genius of the decor provided by Bella Signature Design

Bella Signature Design Wedding Show

Lindeman Weddings Booth

Lindeman Weddings was awarded the "Best Booth Award" of the smaller booths, and I adored the Chanel-inspired look of elegance to her design.  The ebony chandeliers were the perfect touch.

People's Cake Wedding Show

The People's Cake also caught my eye with the most intricate detailing imaginable on their confections.  Every piece of their displays were completely edible, and the artist in me was floored at the creativity.  The cake on the left was inspired by the bride's wedding gown, and I'm still in disbelief that the cake on the right is a cake.  Yum!

Twelve Baskets Catering Wedding Show

Last but not least, I loved the gentle color palette from the Twelve Baskets Catering booth.  I usually gravitate towards bright colors, but the mix of hues were so fresh and playful that they drew me in from the moment I saw them.   

Twelve Baskets Catering 

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The Seattle Wedding Show 2011!

Every year I leave The Wedding Show in awe of the creative talent in Seattle.  We attend with the hope of connecting with soon-to-be wed couples in search of gorgeous photograph, but we leave inspired by the innovative ideas and designs.  As always, I'm sharing a few of the unique touches that caught my eye, and I hope you enjoy them.  

My friend BreeAnn Gale from Pink Blossom Events had the cutest mini-booth I've ever seen ... the colors were fun and fresh, and I love the glass chandellier coupled with the inscribed headboard. 

Ally from Plateau Florist created a tree dripping with postcards, many of which showcased the weddings we have photographed with her.  I enjoyed the red/purple color scheme, which are two of my favorite palettes.

Loved these colors and theme as well ... Erin from Lindeman Events has such a great eye for design.

This 10-foot wide booth display from Salon Maison featured my bride!  It was cool is see one of our images larger-than-life.

These 'sweet words' were a clever twist ... the cupcakes were by Pinkabella, and I liked the idea of capturing qualities that you love about your new spouse on the display tiers.  The real question: which attribute will you choose when it's time to cut the cupcake?

Daniela from Bella Signature Design helped create this look for Herban Feast's booth - if you haven't had a chance to visit Sodo Park or sample their food, consider joining them for the next open house.  They have some of the yummiest catering you can imagine.

In the great Northwet, Bella Umbrellas will always have a special place in my heart.

mmmm .... 

Paper Delights featured some beautiful designs, and a color palette perfect for a Spring wedding.

Jewel Catering's booth was another personal favorite - I loved how they used a brightly patterned scrapbook paper to create cutouts to adorn all of the serving plates, perfectly coordinated.  (If you ever get stuck searching for a theme, visit a scrapbook store - you will be amazed!)

The mini-clothesline feature in the Goldfinch Press booth was soooo cute.

I am obsessed with this candy bar design ... there is something vintage yet classic and timeless about the combination of the champagne coloring with the touch-of-bling accents.

Aria Style and Capri Floral showcased these lovely designs.

Last but not least, our friends at Seattle Met Bride and Groom were sharing the latest issue and looking fabulous in the process. 

Thank you to all who worked so hard to make the show a success, especially Don, Barb, Jason, and Howard from the Seattle Wedding Show.  We are looking forward to next year already!