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Entries in Newcastle Golf Club Wedding (13)


A Father's First Look at The Golf Club at Newcastle

First Look at Newcastle Golf Course

I think every Dad dreams of the moment he gets to see his little girl in her wedding dress ... even if you aren't much of a crier, it's hard not to get teary when you see his expression of pure delight. The moment Jennifer embraced her father, everyone in the room reached for the nearest tissue (including me!) 

Tears of Joy at Newcastle Golf Course


Daily Shot of Inspiration | A Romantic Golf Cart Getaway

Golf Club at Newcastle Wedding

Hyjacking a golf cart for a romantic getaway is a must at any golf course wedding ... the hard part is returning it!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Wednesday, October 26th || The View at Newcastle Golf Course

Bride at The Golf Club at Newcastle  

There is a simple elegance to this image that makes me smile - I love how casual and genuine it is, and yet perfectly sophisticated at the same time.

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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Wednesday, October 19th || Weddings at the Golf Course at Newcastle

I honestly don't know how we managed to get the golf cart wedged in this position, but we took advantage of the opportunity to create one of my favorite group shots from Helen and Adrian's wedding day. 

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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Tuesday, June 21st|| Newcastle Golf Wedding Photography

Wedding at Newcastle Golf Course in Newcastle, Washington

This image positively took my breath away ...

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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Wednesday, May 11th || Newcastle Golf Club Wedding

I love how much fun Kitty and Edmund had with their wedding party; from the start of the day to the after-party, they had me (and each other) cracking up!

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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Monday, January 17th || Weddings at Newcastle Golf Course

I love the freedom I feel when looking at this image - another favorite of 2010! 


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Friday, September 10th || Weddings at the Golf Club at Newcastle

Marry looks so angelic in this image, she almost seems to float down the stairs.  Beautiful!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Thursday, August 5th || Spread the Love

Kelsey's family loves making jam, and her father personally picked enough berries to make over 300 'Spread the Love' favors for their guests.  They canned them all themselves - a true (and yummy) act of gratitude!  (They promised they would send over some of the left-over favors to me for Christmas, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!)


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, July 31st || Weddings at the Golf Club at Newcastle


This is one of my favorite photographs from Tanya and Jeff's wedding ... the five cousins look so happy together.  It reminds me to relax, enjoy the moment, and giggle every once in a while.  :)


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, January 2nd

I LOVE this image of Kelli and her girls - she looks so happy, it just makes me smile!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Sunday, December 6th  

Get ready to see more of this couple ... rumor has it that one of our images may be gracing the cover of 425's wedding issue ... I can't wait till it is released in January!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, December 5th  

I'll be visiting The Golf Club at Newcastle for a wedding today, and I'm hoping for a sunset as beautiful as this one!