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What Happens in Vegas ...

Ken and I just returned from an amazing trip to Vegas where we had the honor of photographing for the MGM Grand Signature Wedding campaign, as well as meeting up with some of our far-away friends who joined us for the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) 2013 Conference. It was a busy week, but an awesome opportunity to spend some time planning our goals for the upcoming year, starting with the complete revamp of our website (yay!) We'll be keeping all the good stuff, adding lots of never-before-seen images, useful info, and as much entertainment as one little url can handle. :)

In the meantime, enjoy a few of the images from our photoshoot with MGM ... it was such an honor to be chosen to participate in this, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed to see some of the images on a 50-foot billboard!

MGM Grand Las Vegas Wedding by Azzura Photography

MGM Grand Las Vegas Wedding by Azzura Photography

Simply gorgeous ...

MGM Grand Las Vegas Wedding by Azzura Photography


Happy Valentine's Day and the return of an old love ...

The last six months have been some the best (and the busiest) in our studio's history. In addition to photographing over 45 weddings in 2012, we've traveled from France to Hawaii, booked extraordinary weddings for 2013, and even managed to take some time off for romantic strolls in the woods together. It's been a whirlwind, and as I look at the many ways we've spent our time, I realized that one of the things I've missed is sharing our 'Daily Shot of Inspiration.' In my own little way, sharing these images is my personal contribution to bringing a bit of joy and art into the daily lives of our friends and clients. 

To kick off our 2013 'Daily Shot of Inspiration', I chose one of my most-loved destination wedding images. When Heidi and Peter hired us to capture their wedding on the Big Island in Hawaii, I knew it would become one of our favorites. This image was taken just moments after they had their "First Look" on the beach, and I feel a sense of joy and freedom every time I see it. It is a perfect photograph to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day, and to symbolize the excitement we feel for the year to come.  :)

Mauna Lani Hotel Wedding by Azzura Photography


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Tuesday, February 8th || The Italian Adventure with La Belle Reve Bridal

Another adorable image from last year's adventure in Italy ...

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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Tuesday, January 25th || The Italian Adventure with La Belle Reve Bridal  

These two knew how to dance - somehow Inna even made the spin look adorable, which is quite an accomplishment!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Tuesday, January 18th || The Italian Adventure with La Belle Reve Bridal 

In the spirit of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, sometimes the most elegant thing to do is nothing at all. 


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Tuesday, January 11th || The Italian Adventure with La Belle Reve Bridal

Another fun image from our fashion shoot in Venice ... I will do my best to revive my 'Italian Tuesday' posts so I can share more of the photographs from Italy.  They are making me crave travel ... perhaps Russia this year?


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Tuesday, November 9th || The Italian Adventure with La Belle Reve 

When the local media decided to feature our fashion shoot in Italy, I was surprised that it actually made for some great photographs!  Inna (the beautiful bride) handled them like a rock star - I love this shot because it reveals the craziness surrounding a photoshoot on the streets of Venice!

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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Tuesday, August 17th || The Italian Adventure with La Belle Reve Bridal 

Is Paris or Venice called 'The City of Love?'  Either way, these photographs from our trip to Italy with La Belle Reve sing 'romance'!