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Daily Shot of Inspiration | An Elegant British Motor Coach Moment

British Motor Coach Classic Wedding Departure

I smile every time I see this photograph - the look of exuberance on Julia's face is simply fabulous.


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Wednesday, August 17th || Seattle Wedding Photography at the Pier

White Rolls Royce Seattle

There is nothing that says 'classic' like a vintage Rolls Royce - and a couple in love!

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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Thursday, January 6th || A British Motor Coach Classic

I adore the lighting and the simplicity of this image ... so romantic!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Monday, January 3rd || Vintage Seattle Wedding Photography

I love the vintage look of this shot, complete with the antique VW bug that Cole (our groom) so lovingly restored.  They look so happy together!

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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Thursday, August 26th || A British Motor Coach Classic Moment



Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, June 26th || British Motor Coach

Ken got a huge grin on his face when he told me about his excursion with Ciara, Conor, and their British Motor Coach Rolls Royce ... they had a blast taking sunset photos, and just as they were about to leave Ken saw their reflection in the car window, and in just a few seconds he created one of the coolest car-shots I've ever seen!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Friday, May 21st || A British Motor Coach Classic

There is something timeless about a classic car that I appreciate ... although I know the gas mileage isn't enviable, I hope that someday our modern car manufacturers can return to the sophisticated style of the vintage Rolls Royce.  :)


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Thursday, May 20th || A British Motor Coach Classic

A super-sweet shot that they never even knew we took - my favorite! 


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Friday, February 26th || A British Motor Coach Classic

Anna shares my fascination with all things vintage, including some of the more exotic artwork techniques that I used to create this image.  (I love it when my brides actually gasp when I reveal their images for the first time ... it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and I know how much our artwork is cherished.)


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Thursday, January 28th || A British Motor Coach Getaway

I love this image of Anna and Joe making their getaway from St. James to the Fairmont in their vintage Rolls Royce from British Motor Coach ... nothing beats a classic departure!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, November 7th

Today is one of those rare Saturdays when I don't have a wedding to photograph, so I get to relax a little and enjoy artworking a few of my favorite images.  Stay tuned, because I have some absolutely stunning images to show you this week ... starting with this adorable photograph!  How cute are her shoes, matched perfectly to the getaway car?