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Seattle Wedding Photography - A Quiet Moment

Romantic Seattle Wedding Moment with Engagement Ring Detail by Azzura Photography

I love the detail and the stillness of this image ... something about it strikes me as so romantic, but in a very subtle, gentle way. 


A Father's First Look at The Golf Club at Newcastle

First Look at Newcastle Golf Course

I think every Dad dreams of the moment he gets to see his little girl in her wedding dress ... even if you aren't much of a crier, it's hard not to get teary when you see his expression of pure delight. The moment Jennifer embraced her father, everyone in the room reached for the nearest tissue (including me!) 

Tears of Joy at Newcastle Golf Course


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, November 19th || Seattle Wedding Photography

Another sweetly romantic moment ...

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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Wednesday, November 2nd || Seattle Wedding 

This adorable image almost made the cover of Sarah and Mark's album - it captures their playful spirit perfectly!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, October 22nd || Seattle Wedding Photography

I adore both of these images, created by Ken during a brief rendevous in the Fire Hall.  So hot! 

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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Monday, January 24th || British Motor Coach Silver Cloud

This image touches the romantic in me ... every girl wants to be swept off her feet, right?


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Monday, August 2nd || Seattle Wedding Photography

A Monday morning deserves a good 'pick-me-up!' 


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Thursday, July 29th || The Kiss


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Friday, June 18th || Shilshole Bay Beach Club Wedding

When it began to rain, I thought for sure we wouldn't be able to create these photographs that I knew Dinh (our bride) wanted very much ... I underestimated her!  Rain or shine, she and Eugene were up for anything, including these two photographs that were among my favorites of the day. 


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Sunday, May 23rd || Seattle Wedding Photography

I love the angles of this image and the look on Nicole's face as she and Anthony walk back to the Hummer Limo from our trip to Bell Harbor.  Needless to say, she wasn't hard to follow!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, May 22nd || Seattle Wedding Photography

We are looking forward to getting 'wrapped up' in today's wedding!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Wednesday, May 19th || Pan Pacific Hotel Wedding

I adore this image from Nicole and Jason's wedding at The Pan Pacific Hotel - the graphic elements give it a modern flair to the classic romance.


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, May 8th || Seattle Wedding Photography

I love this shot of Caitlin and her bridesmaids!  The girl's dresses were from J Crew, and they looked great on everyone.  (Note the fabulous matching shoes - Caitlin has a great sense of style!) 


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Tuesday, May 4th || Seattle Wedding Photography

I love this series from Nancy and Evan's Wedding Day at the Olympic Fairmont Hotel ... I often get asked how we manage to create so many photographs in just a few minutes, and these images reveal our secret - we always look for different angles that can tell the story just a little differently.  Often the result is a fun sequence of images, like this one ... Evan was whispering in Nancy's ear, and when he gently squeezed her hand the most sweet smile danced across her face.  As for what he was saying ... well, you will have to ask him! 



Daily Shot of Inspiration || Tuesday, March 16th || Seattle Wedding Photography  

I just got done helping Kathy and Craig choose the images for their wedding album, and I'm happy to say that this will be our cover photograph.  :)