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The Seattle Wedding Show 2012 - Another Fantastic Year

Last weekend kicked off the New Year with a flurry of cupcakes, flower petals, and fashion at the Seattle Wedding Show.  As always, we had our little booth, and Ken and I loved meeting with so many newly engaged couples.  We have already started booking up for 2012 and 2013, which makes us excited and grateful for the amazing support of the wedding community.

For me, the Wedding Show is also an opportunity to reflect and examine our business, our creativity, and our relationships.  I'm always blown away by the level of effort and creativity I see displayed in the booths, and it gives me a little kick to get moving and decide what we will do differently this year.  Where can we improve?  What will keep us unique?  How can we better connect with our couples?

Although I don't subscribe to New Year's Resolutions, I do embrace the start of the year as a time to dream, brainstorm, and create ideas that make us leap out of bed.  We have many great things happening - a complete remodel of the Azzura website, the launch of a new book series, and so much more - that I am looking forward to sharing with you in 2012.  :)

In the spirit of sharing inspiration, I wanted to share some of my favorite booths from the Wedding Show - enjoy!

Azzura Photography Wedding Show

Our twist on our booth this year was to change all the prints between the first and second days of the show, to give two different 'looks' and showcase some of our latest work.  It was a lot of work, but totally worth it. 

Celebrity Cake Studio Peacock Cakes

I was captivated by this display at Celebrity Cake Studio, inspired by peacocks.  From the sugar-feathers crowning the cupcakes to the colorful plumes on the cake, it was both clever and beautiful.

Celebrity Cake Studio Wedding Show

Herban Feast Wedding Show

Another one of my favorite booths won the "Best Booth Award," and I'm sure it was due to the combination of succulent food by Herban Feast and the subtle genius of the decor provided by Bella Signature Design

Bella Signature Design Wedding Show

Lindeman Weddings Booth

Lindeman Weddings was awarded the "Best Booth Award" of the smaller booths, and I adored the Chanel-inspired look of elegance to her design.  The ebony chandeliers were the perfect touch.

People's Cake Wedding Show

The People's Cake also caught my eye with the most intricate detailing imaginable on their confections.  Every piece of their displays were completely edible, and the artist in me was floored at the creativity.  The cake on the left was inspired by the bride's wedding gown, and I'm still in disbelief that the cake on the right is a cake.  Yum!

Twelve Baskets Catering Wedding Show

Last but not least, I loved the gentle color palette from the Twelve Baskets Catering booth.  I usually gravitate towards bright colors, but the mix of hues were so fresh and playful that they drew me in from the moment I saw them.   

Twelve Baskets Catering 

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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Friday, January 22nd || La Belle Reve Bridal

Anna, one of the oh-so-lovely stylists at La Belle Reve Bridal in Bellevue, spent a few minutes as my muse ... I loved so many of the images from this mini-photoshoot that I decided to make today's 'daily shot of inspiration' a triple!


Seattle Wedding Show Highlights

Did you know that Seattle is host to the biggest Bridal Show on the West Coast?  The Seattle Wedding Show was amazing this year, and we got to meet literally thousands of couples in just two short days.  I've had some requests for highlights from the show, and was fortunate enough to have some time on Sunday to visit my fellow wedding pros and exercise my camera. 

The runway show is a personal favorite, so I made a little video of the highlights!

And, of course, there were all of the many booths.  It's hard to describe all the hard work that goes into this weekend.  Our booth takes several days to construct, and every year we have fresh albums designed specifically for the show.  It makes for a crazy week leading up to the weekend!  Here I am, cheesing it up at our booth ...   


Ally from Plateau Florist had a cute idea to use romantic definitions as part of her tabletop display ... it could be interesting to adapt the idea for reception table seating and have the tables labelled with romantic names instead of numbers.

Pink was hot, hot, hot this year!  The jewel tones (and the red family in particular) look amazing in photographs, so I wholeheartedly applaud the trend.  There were some other noted changes this year as well, such as The Bridal Garden's new name - La Votre Bridal Couture!  They just chose the name 'La Votre Bridal Couture' the week prior to the show.  Translated from Francais, La Votre means 'yours', which I thought was a very sweet twist. 

Woodland Flowers created this look, which was my favorite adaptation of the hot-pink theme. 

I can't even imagine how long it took Ravishing Radish Catering to create it, but they had these amazing hand-made paper fans peppering the back of the booth and subtle references to the natural organic nature of their food nuanced in the centerpieces.  They partnered with Jojo and Isaac from Bamboo Beats, who share their clever aesthetic and eco-consciousness.  It was simply brilliant.  

Many of our other favorite wedding pros, such as Bella Umbrella, Sheena with Totally Tabletops and The Invisible Hostess, were there to share their adorable accents.  (For those of you who know Sheena, how perfect are these photographs of her?)

Spring-green was another big hit this year ... on the left, the place setting is by Totally Tabletops and the linens are by Aria Style.  On the right, the place-setting accent was one of Aria's most talked about innovations ... sometimes the genius truly is in the details! 

Having a booth next to Creme de la Creme has it's perks ... including getting to see (and taste) their latest cake designs! 

Blue is a favorite color for many of us, but it tends to be a tough theme color because there are so few naturally blue flowers.  I love the twist Weddings with Wendy took by integrating the lime with the soft blue and white.   

 I love how simple, inexpensive touches like this 'celebrate' tag can create an instant sense of special.

Who says being a florist is easy?  John, the owner and creative director of Aria Style, helped to adorn not only his own but over a dozen other booths showcasing their florals and linens.  Susan, Lars, and the rest of the Aria team did an unbelievable job of helping create unique looks for booths such as The Golf Club at Newcastle, Wavelink Music, Seattle Bride Magazine, The Pan Pacific Hotel, and Alderbrook Resort and Spa.  Kudos!

The citrus theme of the Seattle Bride lounge had a fresh and welcoming look - I hope to see more of this color palette this year.    

There was more than one name change this year - 'All About Weddings' is now ' All About Weddings and Celebrations' - and is still one of my favorite places to get great wedding accents and invitations.  Coupled with a new location, I hope that this marks a great new year for Gayle and Jim. 

One of our very own brides has decided to join the wedding world!  Linnea has created Stem and Plate, a unique place to register for some of the most unbelievable placesettings imported from European artisans.  I'm so excited for her, and Ken and I wish her the best of luck in all her new endeavors!

Since Ken and I both have weddings tomorrow, I think I'll declare my recap complete.  Thank you again to all of you that took the time to visit us at the Show!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Sunday, January 17th || Seattle Wedding Show

This weekend has been a whirlwind!  The Seattle Wedding Show was a huge success, and we are officially 75% booked for 2010 and are quickly starting to fill up 2011.  Thank you to everyone (especially our couples) who took the time to come out to visit us!   

Brides of all ages visited the show - and I have the photographs to prove it!  How cute is this?

I'm going to put together a collection of images from the show in the next few days, so stay tuned - more to come!  :)