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Entries in Snoqualmie Falls Wedding Photography (13)


Daily Shot of Inspiration | A Winter Wedding at Snoqualmie Falls

Salish Lodge Winter Wedding at Snoqualmie Falls

Winter in Seattle might be brisk and wet, but it is still the most beautiful state ever ... I love the subtle pattern of the leaves in compliment to the whimsical design of the bouquet. 

Winter Bouquet Detail by Seattle Wedding Photographers


Daily Shot of Inspiration | Salish Lodge Wedding at Snoqualmie Falls

Salish Lodge Wedding at Snoqualmie Falls

Laura looked absolutely stunning in this image - I love the way the wind caught her veil at just the perfect moment.


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Friday, January 14th || Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Course Wedding 

This image is the sequel to yesterday's 'Daily Shot of Inspiration' - if you doubted my claim that the wind was brisk, you now have your proof.  :)


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Wednesday, January 12th || Salish Lodge Wedding Details

Thoughtful details are some of our favorite things to capture ... on Saturday I will be sharing some of the images from the Seattle Wedding Show, including lots of clever touches that I'm hoping to see incorporated into our upcoming weddings.  Be prepared to be inspired!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Sunday, January 9th || Salish Lodge Wedding Photography 

Kelly and Jason look so happy in these photos, and I love the cadre of groomsmen following in their wake.  (Kelly's attendants were her brothers, so this was one of the rare weddings with all guys in the wedding party.  It was a brisk day, so I was glad that Kelly had plenty of tux jackets close at hand to keep her warm!)


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, January 8th || Salish Lodge Wedding Photography

Love this shot, taken with me standing tip-toe on the upper observatory deck at Salish Lodge ... the Falls might be closed, but the beauty can still be seen from afar.


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Friday, September 24th || Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Course

I feel the softness and warmth of the late summer dusk as I look at this image ... yet another beautiful moment from Emily and Manch's Wedding Day.

For those of you anxiously awaiting the many images I have promised to feature, it will be worth the wait!  We have been working around the clock to complete the album designs for our summer weddings, and are finally past our busiest shooting schedule.  (I feel like I blinked, and the summer is over!)  I am, once again, going to wait until Monday to post the next 'Image of the Day', and I'm hoping that from then on I can resume my daily schedule.  This summer has been our busiest ever, so although we are crazy-busy, we are also crazy-excited about the photographs we have to share.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the amazing weather!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Monday, July 26th || Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Course

I wonder what Aron whispered in her ear?  Whatever it was, I love the smile it brought to Talya's face!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Sunday, June 20th || Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Course Wedding

Even on an overcast day, the Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Course is breathtaking.  We have several weddings scheduled at Snoqualmie this year, starting with this one on May 30th.  The low clouds created a really cool layered look on the mountain ridgeline.  Congratulations, Talya and Aron!  :)


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, February 13th || Salish Lodge Wedding

It's been a crazy month so far, and I obviously fell off the 'Daily Shot of Inspiration' wagon last week.  The good news is that I'm back on, and I have sooooooo many photographs that I can't wait to share with you!  Keep checking back daily - I promise, there will be fresh eye-candy to make you smile.  :)


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Monday, February 1st || Salish Lodge Wedding 

Lesley's expression is so utterly joyful in this image - every time I look at it, I just have to smile! 


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, January 30th || Salish Lodge Wedding

Have I mentioned that we love photographing winter weddings?  Lesley and Wil were so chill about the weather, and with the help of British Motor Coach and a few of the Salish Lodge umbrellas Ken was able to create some fabulous photographs.  This is one of my favorites ... Lesley looks so graceful and I adore her fuzzy wrap!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Monday, November 23rd  


When I saw these images from Shebron and Jared's wedding, my jaw dropped ... these are two of my favorite groomsmen photographs of all-time.  Jared, thanks for hooking us up!  (Get it?  Hook?  It's late - I think it's time for bed!)