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Entries in Woodmark Hotel Wedding (18)


Daily Shot of Inspiration | Woodmark Hotel Wedding at Carillon Point

Woodmark Hotel Kirkland Wedding Reception in the Tent

Sometimes I get so accustomed to gorgeous venues like the Woodmark Hotel that I forget just how truly blessed we are in the Northwest - ability to have a gloriously sophisticated event so close to Lake Washington is just plain fabulous.


Daily Shot of Inspiration | Woodmark Hotel Wedding in Kirkland, WA

Woodmark Hotel Wedding Reception at Carillon Point

A first dance finish with flourish ... I adore the dip, and the ear-to-ear grin!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Friday, November 11th || Woodmark Hotel Wedding Voyage

Woodmark Hotel Wedding Boat Ride 

A romantic getaway, and the perfect photograph to remember it by.  :)


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Daily Shot of Inspiration || Sunday, March 28th || Voila! Wedding Show

Today marks the first annual 'Voila!' Wedding Show, hosted by Pink Blossom Events and Panache Events at The Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland! This little teaser is from the Fena Flowers display ... I loved the quote that Jessica from a&o design wove into the tablecard design!   

To view and download images from the event, visit the 'Voila' Gallery!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Monday, November 30th  

I love fabulous details ... did you notice how the curves of Karen's bouquet perfectly mimic the sculpturing of her dress?  Brilliant! 


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Tuesday, November 24th  

So beautiful!  I have so many fun images from Karen and Ben's wedding at The Woodmark Hotel that I'm planning to do a 'Featured Wedding' post on it in the next few weeks ... stay tuned!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Friday, November 13th  

Ken and I couldn't stop laughing when we saw this picture ... it was completely unstaged, and the kids didn't even know they were being photographed - I love it!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Thursday, October 29th 



Daily Shot of Inspiration || Saturday, October 24th 

How beautiful is this?  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for equally good weather for my wedding today! :)


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Friday, October 23rd

When Jamey first arrived at our studio carrying his motorcycle helmet, I knew the bike simply had to join us on the Wedding Day!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Tuesday, October 20th  

Every time I photograph at The Woodmark Hotel I love to find new ways to play with the lines of the balcony architecture.  This is one of my favorite shots of the day, taken just moments after Jamey and Jennifer had their 'First Look'.  So romantic!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Thursday, October 1st  

What are the chances of opening a random book while milling around the Woodmark Hotel's swanky little library and opening to this page?  Serendipity at its finest!


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Wednesday, September 30th  


Daily Shot of Inspiration || Wednesday, September 9th


Introducing your 'Daily Shot' of Inspiration!

After talking with many of our lovely couples, I was shocked to discover how many of our clients and friends check our blog every day to see what's new.  A light bulb finally went off in my head today - why not post a favorite image every day?  Yes, you read correctly - 365 days of fresh images, and a reason to visit the blog every day.  Grab your cup of java, and get ready to make a daily visit to the Azzura Café for a fresh shot of inspiration every morning! :)

The 'Daily Shots' will be highlights from the previous weekend's weddings, so every one of our couples will get featured on our the Azzura Café.  (I will still create more extensive posts for some of our weddings, but this way everyone gets their day in the spotlight - even when I get busy!)  With no further ado, I present the very first Azzura Daily Shot!

Woodmark Hotel Wedding Photos at Sunset

I love this image of Bao and Marlin, taken at The Woodmark Hotel - they are so engrossed in each other, and the wind blowing her hair gives it the wild abondon look I adore.  Stunning!